About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors with decades of experience in investing and trading.

The vast experience and knowledge of our team has enabled us to successfully trade forex, the stock market and commodities markets for a number of years.

We have been ardent followers of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since the early days and believe that cryptocurrencies are set to be the biggest investing opportunity of our times. The potential benefits of blockchain technology are only beginning to be understood and will reshape and create a whole wave of industries – and indeed our world – for the better.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have the potential to redefine money, making it cheaper and easier to transfer money and taking control away from central governments and banks and putting it in the hands of you and me.

We live, eat and breathe cryptos and want to share our knowledge with you to help you understand more about the cryptocurrency revolution, how you can potentially benefit from it and to make sure you are at the cutting edge of the latest developments.

Thanks for visiting our site and if you have any questions, please e-mail a member of our friendly team at info@bitcoinandcryptos.com