Countinghouse ICO About to Start — What You Need to Know

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Countinghouse ICO About to Start — What You Need to Know

countinghouse ICO

The eagerly anticipated ICO for Countinghouse is about to get underway on 17th May, with the pre-sale having raised around $5 million.

Countinghouse is aiming to bring the world of hedge funds to cryptocurrency and allow the everyday investor like you and me to benefit from their trading strategies. They have been successfully running for a few years in the forex (foreign exchange) markets but are now turning their attention to the crypto markets.

Here is all the info you need to know about the Token Sale.

What Is Countinhouse All About?

Just to recap in case you haven’t been following the project, Countinghouse is an existing forex hedge fund that has made around 70–100% profit per year for their clients over the last few years.

They tested out a cryptocurrency fund last year and made an amazing 600% profit and are now opening this up to everyday investors to become involved in via an ICO.

Their main strategy is to focus on the volatility of markets, so the crypto markets are ideal for their approach, being as up and down as they are. Countinghouse use a combination of different strategies involving direct trading, arbitrage and more straightforward investing, which are broken down in the following apportionment:

  • Algorithmic trading: 60%
  • Double-sided arbitrage: 30%
  • Passive reserve (ICOs, debentures): 10%

This multi-faceted approach means they can profit in a variety of markets — bull, bear and stagnant, and it also diversifies their risk by not being reliant on just one strategy.

What Benefits do the Countinghouse Tokens (CHT) Provide?

Countinghouse’s tokens (CHT) provide direct stakes in the crypto hedge fund. So for example if you own 1% of the CHT tokens, you would own 1% of the fund’s value. This value will go up or down depending on how successful their trading and investments are.

The main benefits of the tokens are as follows:

  • You can buy and sell them at any time, meaning your investment is liquid, unlike some traditional forms of investment that can take days or even weeks to withdraw;
  • The tokens will have a limited supply, meaning if the fund does well then the tokens could appreciate significantly in value;
  • Countinghouse are already established and so the vast majority of the funds from the ICO will go directly into the fund and not into set-up costs;
  • You can invest with a very small amount, where as traditional hedge funds normally require significant investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whilst the tokens do not pay a dividend as such, you can sell your holdings at any time to bank a profit (presuming the fund is in profit from the time you bought of course).

When Does the ICO Start and Finish?

The pre-sale has just finished and the main public sale is due to start on 17th May and finish on 12th June.

What is the Hard Cap?

The hard cap for the token sale will be 50 million tokens (which is the equivalent of around $38m at the time of writing).

There is no soft cap as such but they have already raised around $5m at the time of writing.

How Much will CHT Tokens Cost?

The price of the CHT Tokens will be 1 ETH = 1000 CHT, or in other words, 1 CHT= approx $0.77.

How Many CHT Tokens Will There Be?

The total token supply will be 50 million tokens, although over 5 million have already been sold in the pre-sale and 1% (400,000) are reserved for the team, so in effect approximately 44 million tokens will be available during the token sale.

Are there Any Bonuses?

Whilst there were some bonuses during the pre-sale, the token price will be fixed at 1ETH = 1,000 CHT during the main sale, without any bonuses.

How Can I Participate in the Token Sale?

Firstly you will need to go to the Countinghouse ICO page and register.

Then you need to provide your KYC information.

You can then buy CHT tokens using ETH or via paypal.

Is there a Minimum Investment Level?

At the moment there is no minimum investment level for the main public sale, but I will let you know if this changes.

So there you have it, those are the main details for the Countinghouse main sale, which is attracting quite a lot of interest from the investment community.

You can check out the Countinghouse ICO here, join them on Telegram hereand follow their announcements on bitcointalk here and the bounty here.

If you have any questions about the ICO, please let us know in the comments below.