Equi Capital ICO – Over $7million Already Raised!

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Equi Capital ICO – Over $7million Already Raised!

equi capital

Crpyto venture capital company Equi.Capital has announced that it has already raised over $7million in its ICO pre-sale in less than a week!

This shows strong interest in the project and should help to leverage further investment going forward.

During the pre-sale, the minimum investment is $100,000 but that hasn’t deterred investors coming forward with some big contributions, including one investment of $2 million.

According to co-founder Doug Barrowman, it has been “a positive experience not just from the big investors and the discussions we have had with them in this pre-sale stage, but also the reaction from the individual investor who is gearing up to invest in the project for the main event who may never have been engaged with cryptocurrency previously.”

The pre-sale runs until 14th March, with the main public sale beginning on 15th March, when the minimum investment will be just $100.

Just to recap, Equi is aiming to bring venture capital to the masses through the means of cryptocurrency.

At the moment, in order to invest in early-stage companies you have to be an “ultra high-net worth individual” — or in other words you have to be extremely wealthy. This kind of investment opportunity — of finding the next Uber, Airbnb or Spotify — is cut off to the “man (or woman) on the street” as it were.

This is a little peculiar in many ways, as whilst you are perfectly free in most western countries to put a wager on a horse in the 4.10 at Lingfield for example, you aren’t able to invest in promising companies at an early stage of their development, even though they might have very strong credentials.

However, with the advent of cryptocurrency this is all about to change, as Equi will enable people who purchase Equi tokens to invest in various early-stage companies on their platform.

These companies will be vetted personally by the highly experienced Equi team, who will only pick the best and most promising ventures they find.

And the news in this regard is already looking promising, with Equi reporting that they are being approached by some strong contenders to go on the platform, with two companies in particular looking of major interest, in the fields of e-gaming and Big Data.

It is likely that Equi will not be short of investment opportunities for people to participate in on the platform, which is great news for those wanting to be part of Equi as token holders.

This is one the most exciting ICOs we have come across in some time and now it is only just over a week until the public sale launches, so get ready if you are thinking of joining in.

Please note you can only invest in the ICO using Ethereum and you can register your details for the ICO here.

You can also follow Equi on Telegram here and stay up to date via their Bitcointalk announcement thread here.