On Live ICO – Live Broadcasts on the Blockchain!

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On Live ICO – Live Broadcasts on the Blockchain!

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The On.Live platform connects service providers such as professionals and organisations with an audience allowing them to deliver services online to large audiences or individuals. The customer pays only for the services they receive. The platform uses a blockchain for selling services, controlling transactions and cryptocurrency settlements.

Technology and markets

The network provides a blockchain token and smart contract service which supports a video streaming protocol.

The three main elements of On.Live services are:

  • Live service provision whereby providers can sell their services in return for ONL tokens.
  • Live broadcasts to large audiences which are billed as pay-per-minute or pay-per-view. Broadcasts are uncensored.
  • Transcoding and relay node enables network users to sell their computing power for transcoding and relay operations. This way network nodes carry out useful work rather than devoting their power to Proof of Work blockchain transactions.

How it works

  • The broadcaster creates a channel through which it can sell live services either one to one, small audiences or broadcast to a wide audience through alternative formats such as pay per view, pay per minute and so forth.
  • Customers pay for the services they receive and for access to the broadcasts.


Anyone with internet access can become a broadcaster. The platform has particular appeal for professionals such as medical practitioners, dentists, lawyers, and tutors; businesses such as medical centres, educational institutions, law firms; and corporations such as advertising networks and TV stations. Other broadcast services could include conferences, sporting events, tutorials, musical events and tuition etc.


Viewers pay only for what services they use. From home they have access to a wide range of professional services and live events while businesses will have access to B2B services.

The platform

The OnLive.tv platform incorporates a range of tools for both viewers and broadcasters including communications paths for public broadcasts and one-to-one consultations. It is planned that the platform will go live immediately after the end of the ICO.

Token and smart contracts

The ONL token is deployed on the Ethereum network and has a limited supply equal to 100 min units divisible by 18 decimal places. No future tokens will be mined or minted in the future. ONL transactions are free on the On.Live network where they are the only payment method used for broadcasts and transcoding services.

The blockchain will also enable smart contracts between broadcasters and users; in the future these will be made possible on a one-to-one basis without involving the On.Live platform.


The project began in 2014 though the concept dates to 2009. Video transmission technology was tested in 2014 with web applications and blockchain technology and payment systems functional in 2015. Technology development and continued through to 2017 when the pre ICO was prepare and the team strengthened. Pre ICO and ICO is in 2018 along with entry into new sectors.

Commercial aims

The aim is to steadily grow the user base, service providers and transcoding power providers in major markets. Target markets include the US, Germany, UK, Russia, japan and Brazil.


The ONL is an ERC20 token and uses the Ethereum blockchain. Integral to the OnLive platform it is used to finance transmission services and transcoding,

Maximum supply: 111,000,000 tokens.

Pre-ICO token availability: 12,210,000 ONL.

Pre-ICO hard Cap: 14,000 ETH.

ICO hard cap: 100,000 ETH.

The Pre ICO will run up to 22 February and there is a discount of 30%.

The ICO is scheduled to commence on 11 March 2018 and will close on 11 April 2018 or sooner should the maximum number of tokens be reached early.

The platform will go live immediately following the ICO though tokens won’t be transferable until 11 May 2018.

Check out more info via On Live’s telegram channel, Bitcointalk thread, Twitter  and of course their website.