Multiven ICO Review— Bitcoin Nodes in Space

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Multiven ICO Review— Bitcoin Nodes in Space

Multiven ICO

Today we are going to take a look at the Multiven ICO, which is a blockchain-based marketplace for IT products and services.

Multiven started life as a silicon valley based cloud computing business in 2005 and currently provides decentralized cyber-defence services and software integrity maintenance of IP-enabled devices that constitute the internet infrastructure.

The Multiven project aims to use AI to defend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency nodes from cyber attack; maintain software integrity related to non-blockchain networks; map every device on the internet; create a blockchain based P2P marketplace; and create a Bitcoin nodes in orbit (NiO) as an untouchable extension of the global node network.


There are several interrelated strings to Multiven’ s bow. The main ones are:

Multiven Open Marketplace

The Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM) will be a blockchain based marketplace for buying and selling IT-based products and services. Based on smart contracts, it is a P2P marketplace that involves no third parties. The only currency of exchange and for financing blockchain transactions will be MultiCoin. Multiven anticipates that transactions processed in MOM will grow rapidly:

· 2019 — $300,000,000

· 2021 — $30,000,000,000

· 2023 — $90,000,000,000

Monitoring cryptocurrency nodes

70% of the world’s internet routers and switches are manufactured by Cisco Systems and are run using Cisco IOS, thus out of every 10 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency nodes, seven are controlled by Cisco. However, given that these nodes are concentrated geographically, around 90% of them are Cisco controlled.

This presents a potential vulnerability to attack, possibly exploiting a network backdoor. Multiven aims to monitor in real time and defend every cryptocurrency node and their internet gateways as a free service.

Nodes in Orbit (NiO)

Multiven plans to create space-borne networking platforms, and platforms that can defend themselves against threats, both natural and human. It is planned to launch nine such nodes into Earth orbit by 2022.

Mapping the internet

Already Multiven has mapped over 1.5 million networked devices including their geolocations and complete physical and software profiles.

The Map-the-internet project will transfer this data to the blockchain while continuing to add many additional devices, aiming ultimately to map the whole internet on the blockchain. This will provide a backup resource in case of successful attack. Third parties will be able to access this data in exchange for MultiCoin.


The Multiven platform was launched in 2005 and gained Lucent Technologies as its first large customer in 2007. Between 2008 and 2014 various legal battles took place regarding Cisco which eventually favoured Multiven.

The Multiven HQ relocated to the Netherlands in 2015, and a Paris based sales office was launched in 2016. During development of the Multiven marketplace was initiated. Future milestones include:

· Q1 2018: ICO Public Sale

· Q2 2018: CyberDefense and monitoring of cryptocurrency nodes commences

· Q2 2018: Nodes-in-Orbit (NiO) project initiated

· Q3 2018: MOM Testing and Security Audit

· Q4 2018: Alfa launch of MOM

· Q1 2019: Stable version of MOM

· Q1 2019: MOM Wallet launch

· Q2 2019: MOM Platform and Trading launch

· Q2 2019: Map-the-Internet project commences

· Q3 2022: Launch of Bitcoin Nodes-in-Orbit (NiO)


The ICO will take place in 4 separate rounds. These are:

  • Round 1: 9th March to 6th June; 30 million tokens available — 25% bonus. Max cap per investor: 1,000 ETH + bonus
  • Round 2: 7th June to 7th August; 40 million tokens available — 20% bonus. Max cap per investor: 500 ETH + bonus
  • Round 3: 8th August to 8th September; 60 million tokens available — 15% bonus. Max cap per investor: 250 ETH + bonus
  • Round 4: 9th September to 9th October; 70 million tokens available — 0% bonus. Max cap per investor: 50 ETH

Additional key details include:

· Token: MTC

· Token Type: ERC-20

· ICO Price: €0.50

· Total Token Supply: 2 000 000 000 (2 billion)

· Available for Sale in ICO: 200 000 000 (10%)

· Accepted payments: Ether, BTC, and Shapeshift cryptocurrencies

· Funding Goal: €50 Million

ICO Ratings

The ICO has been reviewed by ICO rating sites and has received generally good ratings. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Track ICO: 4.6/5
  • ICO Bench: 4.1/5
  • Coinmarketplus: 8.9/10
  • Found ICO: 6.9/10
  • ICO Marks: 8.4/10

So some solid ratings there and the project seems to be generally well received.

Conclusion — Multiven ICO

It is good to see that some people are thinking about how to secure the blockchain and its related infrastructure from cyber attack and Multiven should be given credit for that.

It is an ambitious programme — particularly putting nodes into space — but this is a real company with considerable experience in their field so it would not be surprising to see them executing successfully.

It will be interesting to watch this project develop and hopefully it will result in great security for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, which would be welcome for everyone.

You can check out the Multiven ICO here, follow them on Telegram here and on Twitter here.

Article by cryptodan21.