Nucleus Vision – Make Money From Your Data

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Nucleus Vision – Make Money From Your Data

Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision offers retail customers the ability to control and monetise their personal data while providing retailers with unique information on customer identity and behaviour. The system is built on blockchain and used nCash tokens. Although the hard cap was achieved without a public sale, nCash tokens are available via an airdrop.

The technology

Nucleus vision offers a technology that provides retailers and other businesses with data through its blockchain and real time sensors deployed in retail establishments. While the initial market is retail, other targeted markets include security, agriculture, health, transport, and smart cities & homes.

The system integrates an Internet of things (IoT) contactless identification system with a cryptocurrency based universal loyalty program to deliver a customer focussed shopping experience using data gathered both online and in-person.

Major benefits are:

· Retailers gain new insights into customer behaviour such as customer visits tracking, browsing activity, routes taken in-store, and so forth enabling improved prediction of future in-store customer behaviour.

· Customers can control and monetise their own data

How it works

· When customer enters store their phone ID is captured by a sensor and transmitted to Nucleus which then messages the customer offering nCash in return for accepting a reward program.

· If the offer is accepted by the customer, the nCash is credited to their account and their ID is sent to the retailer via the blockchain. The retailer can then map the customer with its own data and new data provided by the blockchain.

· Retailer maps the customer with its core system and identifies new data that can be offered by Nucleus’ blockchain network. If the store has no previous information on the customer, then this is supplied by the extended retailer network with retailers being rewarded in nCash for providing the data.

· Partners may pre-define rules for sharing customer data and obtain authorisation from the customer for sharing the data through the blockchain. The customer is rewarded with nCash for doing so.

· Customer value is assessed by Nucleus based on purchasing history and other information giving the retailer to option to provide additional incentives.

· The nCash tokens deliver a loyalty program across all stores in the network or alternatively chose to cash them out at cryptocurrency exchanges.

System components

The main components of the system are:

· ION Sensor network identifies customer and gather data on sound, pressure, temperature, motion, acceleration its vicinity.

· Blockchain authorisation and data transfer along with nCash flow

· Neuron Layer — an analytics engine that controls such tasks as optimising the timing of rewards offers

· nCash payments for incentivisation and developing customer loyalty.


Nucleus was founded at Harvard University in 2013 with the program being fully developed by 2016. The network was launched in 10 stores in 2017 and the token sale was launched in 2018. Over the next two years emphasis will be on growing the retail sector. The aim is to expand into physical security in 2020 and the Connected World in 2022.


The planned token sale was to have closed on 28 January with the offered price of 1 nCash token = US$0.01. However, the rise in the Ether price meant that the hard cap was achieved without the need for a public sale.

Despite this, nCash tokens are still available through an airdrop.

The fundraising goal was $40,000,000 with $30,000,000 raised on presale. The total coins issued are 10 billion (10,000,000,000).

Airdrop open for 14 days after 27 January

nCash tokens are available to whitelisted and Reddit and Telegram community members via the airdrop for a period of 14 days after 27 January. Future airdrops are planned.