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February 13, 2018
Thrive ICO

Thrive ICO – Digital Marketing on the Blockchain

Digital marketing is a huge multi-billion-dollar market place dominated by a small number of key players led by Google. This has produced a huge imbalance which […]
February 12, 2018
On Live Pic

On Live ICO – Live Broadcasts on the Blockchain!

The On.Live platform connects service providers such as professionals and organisations with an audience allowing them to deliver services online to large audiences or individuals. The […]
February 10, 2018
Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision – Make Money From Your Data

Nucleus Vision offers retail customers the ability to control and monetise their personal data while providing retailers with unique information on customer identity and behaviour. The […]


Back in 2011, Bitcoin was worth less than 1 dollar and was dismissed as a niche interest of a few techno-geeks that would never catch on.

Fast forward a few years and now Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars and is entering the mainstream. Major companies like Subway, Microsoft, Expedia and Whole Foods accept it as a form of payment. Japan has even declared Bitcoin as legal tender!

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer major benefits over traditional forms of currency. Bitcoin is not controlled by any bank, government or corporation and is therefore not open to manipulation. It allows a direct transaction between two people or organisations without a third party like a bank, Western Union or Paypal. That means there are no fees to pay and transactions are much faster, particularly for international transactions. It also allows for greater privacy.

Some people see Bitcoin as the “new gold” – a potential stable store of value against which other currencies could be valued. We have not reached that stage yet – but that is not to say it couldn’t happen at some point in the future.


Here at Bitcoin & Cryptos we aim to provide you with the latest news and developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. Which digital coins are soaring and which are falling? What is the latest government regulation and how will it affect the sector? What are top experts saying and should you listen to them? We hope to answer all these questions and more, to keep you up to date with the latest happenings around cryptos.


ICOs – or Initial Coin Offerings – are issuances of new coin entering the market. They are like IPOs for companies entering the stock market. There are new ICOs all the time and some have done very well, whilst others have been not much more than hype and speculation. We will take you through the latest upcoming ICOs, providing full details on what is on offer.


Some cryptocurrencies have done amazingly well in recent years, increasing 1000s of % and more and making fortunes for lucky investors. This has inevitably led to the growth of various trading systems and strategies around cryptocurrencies. We keep our ear to the ground for the latest and best trading systems and test them out ourselves to see if they work. You can read our reviews of these systems here on the site under our Trading Cryptos section. 

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