Project Shivom ICO Underway — What You Need to Know

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Project Shivom ICO Underway — What You Need to Know

Shivom ico pic

The eagerly anticipated ICO for Project Shivom is underway, with the pre-sale having just started and the public sale due to begin shortly after.

During the pre-sale you can get a 10% bonus, with the bonus decreasing by 1% each day (minimum purchase is 1 ETH).

Project Shivom is aiming to bring genomics to the blockchain and unleash a revolution in healthcare. It is generating huge interest amongst the crypto community, with over 70,000 Telegram group members and 45,000 Twitter followers already.

Here is all the info you need to know about the Token Sale.

What Is Project Shivom All About?

Just to recap in case you haven’t been following the project, Shivom is aiming to allow people to have their genome sequenced and then placed on the blockchain. Once people have done so, they can then sell the data from their genome to pharmaceutical companies, research organisations, universities and governments if they choose to.

The idea is that this will have profound benefits for everyone: —

  • Participants will have the chance to learn about their personal genomic profile, ancestry, health and fitness genetics and so on.
  • Pharmaceutical companies will be able to run more accurate clinical trials with data on which drugs work on different subgroups of patients with various genetic profiles.
  • Research organisations will access to a huge amount of data on which to base studies and to take forward health research into the next era of personalised medicine.
  • Providers of fitness and health apps can tailor them to different genetic profiles and use data to improve their performance and appropriateness.

The potential of the project to revolutionise healthcare is endless.

It should be stressed that people’s genomic data will be held completely anonymously and with private keys that only they have access to. Data can only be given to third parties with the express permission of the genomic owners concerned.

The blockchain will provide the kind of transparency and security necessary for a project of such importance, where breaches of data would not be acceptable and should not be possible with the appropriate use of blockchain technology.

What Benefits do the Shivom Tokens (OmiX) Provide?

Project Shivom’s token will be the Omix Token and it will essentially be used for all transactions on the platform, for all users whether they be members of the public providing their genome, research organisations, app providers, pharmaceutical companies and so on.

Users of the platform will have their own OmiX wallet which they can use to access (or provide) various services.

For individuals they could use OmiX tokens to buy a genomic sequencing kit for example, or access health apps, receive details about their ancestry and so on.

At the same time, people could receive OmiX tokens for contributing their genomic data, adding health and fitness information, or taking part in research for example.

In the case of pharma companies they could use OmiX tokens for buying genomic data, sponsoring projects to sequence large numbers of genomes and the like. Or they could earn tokens for providing genomic information they already hold to the database.

So in essence the Shivom platform will provide a whole marketplace for which the OmiX token will be used for all transactions.

When Does the ICO Start and Finish?

The pre-sale started on Monday 16th April and runs for 10 days until 25th April.

Then the public sale is due to start shortly after the pre-sale finishes (exact details haven’t been released yet).

What is the Hard Cap?

The hard cap for the token sale will be 75,000 ETH (which is the equivalent of around $39m at the time of writing).

The soft cap was 20,000 ETH and has already been reached.

How Much will OmiX Tokens Cost?

The price of the OmiX Tokens will be 1 ETH = 7000 OmiX, or in other words, 1 Omix= approx $0.075.

How Many Omix Tokens Will There Be?

The total token supply will be 3 billion tokens.

However, only 990 million will be available during the public sale, with the remainder used for reserves, the community, the advisors and founders and so on.

Are there Any Bonuses?

Yes! There are bonuses. During the pre-sale there will be a 10% bonus from 16th April, although it reduces by 1% each day.

How Can I Participate in the Token Sale?

Firstly you need to create an account at the Shivom tokensale website and verify your e-mail address.

Then you need to provide your KYC information.

You can then buy OmiX tokens using a variety of cryptocurrencies — ETH, BTC, DASH, LISK, LTC, QTUM, NEM, MONERO, RIPPLE, VERGE, ZCASH, and NEO.

Is there a Minimum Investment Level?

The minimum purchase during the pre-sale will be 1 ETH.

At the moment there is no minimum investment level for the main public sale, but I will let you know if this changes.

You can check out the Project Shivom ICO here, join them on Telegram hereand follow their announcements on bitcointalk here.

If you have any questions about the ICO, please let us know in the comments below.