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USI Tech – New Review

usi tech

A site that has been grabbing a lot of attention lately is USI Tech, which is a multi-faceted Bitcoin investment programme.

What interests us about USI Tech is that whilst offering excellent returns on investments with them (140% return over 140 business days), they also appear to have considerable business activities going on to potentially fund those kinds of payouts.

These activities include a vast mining operation, which takes in a $70 million mining contract for Bitcoin and an additional $10 million per month to be invested.

They will also be mining Ethereum and other altcoins so they will have a wide spread of mining operations.

In addition, the USI team have apparently acquired rights to a new technology that will allow them to mine with only 10-20% of the normal electricity costs, which would represent a massive saving as the main ongoing cost once you have acquired the mining hardware is the electricity.

Plus they have supposedly acquired additional technology that will allow them to convert some of the substantial heat generated when mining into more electricity, making their operation even more profitable.

If all that is true then it would represent a very strong position to be in with regard to their mining operation.

On top of that, they say they also have a proprietary AI system which utilises IBM’s Watson technology to trade forex and crypto markets, creating arbitrage opportunities to generate substantial profits.

And to cap it all off they are planning to release Bitcoin ATM machines with USI branding and to have them installed around the world.

So unlike some recent Bitcoin investment schemes like Bitpetite (which went bust), USI Tech appears to have some genuine business models behind it that can generate income to pay its investors the high returns claimed.

We still await confirmation that the mining operation is genuine, but this should be available for the blockchain shortly.

Certainly we have seen some other people doing remarkably well out of USI Tech so we believe it is worth having a go and seeing whether the claimed returns are actually achievable in practice.

So we will be purchasing some of the Bitcoin packages, which start at $59 and last for 140 business days whilst paying out at 140% over the term.

If you are considering investing some funds, please bear in mind that schemes such as this are highly speculative and you could end up losing your entire investment, so please only risk funds you are willing to lose.

That is what we are doing and we will report back soon on how things going with our live trial and the returns we have received.

In the meantime though you can check out USI Tech here. 




Disclaimer: we are not financial advisors and the above article should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own due diligence and research and take professional financial advice before investing. All cryptocurrencies are risky ventures so please only invest money you can afford to lose.